Our team digs out forsaken treasures for you.

Our team shows great complementary skills.

Great wine and great soil lovers will be served thanks to our keenness to explore Europe’s subtlest terroirs.

We consider it our duty to shape unique wine collections with emotions.


Early in my life was I immersed in the world of fine wine by my father, thorough connoisseur of Bordeaux and Champagne.

My greatest memory was a 1999 Champagne Grand Cru from domain Egly-Ouriet.

The exceptional depth of that Champagne, along with its delicacy, was the very thing that got me hooked for good.

All I needed to know was hidden in there, in that very bottle.

Dazzled as I was, I instantly understood that I was meant to share my passion for great wines and even greater emotions.

I intend to put as much zeal into responding to my client’s expectations as I have put care into the shaping of my own wine cellar

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